Master KRU pongsan ekyotin

Orphaned at 13 years old, Pong was survived by his older brother, a then blossoming Muay Thai Fighter. Pong's early years were that of survival. Training, fighting, and living in a Muay Thai gym, Pong was forced to fight weekly in order to feed himself. 

Pong quickly realized that he had a knack for both school and fighting. Supporting himself with the money he won from fighting, he put himself through high school and college, earning a degree in Physical Education. He then set his sights on disrupting the rampant corruption that was plaguing Thailand during the late 80's. Navigating the mean streets of Thailand, Pong joined the Surathani Province Police Department in an effort to combat the brutal conditions plaguing his beloved home. After several years of fighting criminals Pong came back to his Muay Thai roots and began coaching fighters. He helped coach the International Boxing Championship between Thailand and the United States. Upon his arrival Pong noticed a vast difference between Thailand and America. Excited by this new opportunity, and fueled by a need to conquer his next goal, Pong decided to move to America and start training fighters again. Teaching all over the country at various gyms, Pong finally found his home in Los Angeles. At what was then one of the only Muay Thai gyms in LA, Pong became a head instructor at Muay Thai Academy in North Hollywood. Pong met his wife Julie and quickly fell in love. Pong decided it was time to make his mark. In traditional Muay Thai only world champions are allowed to open gyms. The honor and respect for the art form and it's functionality demand it. At 37 years old, with the birth of his first son just weeks prior, Pong won his first World Championship Title. He then won his second IKKC World Championship Title a year later and he opened his first gym in Huntington Park. After that Pong retired from Professional Muay Thai competition, and focused all of his energy on training fighters. He moved from Huntington Park to Santa Clarita California so that he could raise his family and train his fighters in a positive atmosphere. Most recently Pong has been certified as an official Chairman of The World Muay Thai Counsel, and is also a certified Referee & Judge for the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF), and the United World Muay Thai Association (UWMTA). Clearly deserving and accomplished Pong has now dedicated his life to keeping the purity and tradition in Muay Thai competition for generations to come. 

To know Pong, is to love Pong. One of the most motivated and inspiring people I've ever met, he manages to balance a lovable charm and enthusiasm with a tough as nails training regime that keeps everyone coming back for more. Pong has become some what of a celebrity in Santa Clarita, due to his huge personality, traditional Muay Thai standards, and his hilarious broken english we all affectionately refer to as "Pong-lish."


Gold Medal - Pinweight Champion of Thailand (Highschool International Boxing Team)

Silver Medal - Light Flyweight Champion (College International Boxing Team)

Gold Medal - Light Flyweight Champion (College International Boxing Team) 

2x IKKC Lightweight World Champion 

78 Pro Fights

Certified Referee and Judge by the World Muay Thai Council 

Certified Referee and Judge by the United World Muay Thai Association 

IKF Official Referee (International Kickboxing Federation) 

Chairman for the World Muay Thai Council of Thailand 

Teaching credentials 

Physical Education Teacher Thailand (4yrs)

Muay Thai Instructor at The International Muay Thai School in Bangkok Thailand (2yrs) 

Muay Thai Instructor and Professional Boxing Instructor (Team Thailand vs. USA) 

Muay Thai Team Coach at Master Toddy Muay Thai Center (Las Vegas, 1yr) 

Muay Thai Instructor at Muay Thai Academy of America (North Hollywood, 5yrs) 

Instructor at Combative Arts Academy (Beverly Hills) 

Instructor at United World Muay Thai Association 

Seminar instructor Kali Jukune Do Martial Arts Academy (Los Angeles)

Instructor at Krav Maga Academy (Westwood)

Instructor at Universal Martial Arts Academy (Studio City)

Owner and Founder of EKYOTIN USA in Santa Clarita.




After completing 2 tours in Iraq, and one tour in Afghanistan, Marine scout sniper Victor Lopez turned his sights on protecting the homeland from the inside. 

The now, highly decorated LAPD officer has been training under Kru Pongsan Ekyotin for over a decade. Widely considered a combat expert himself, Victor talks about countless experiences on the force where he's had to put his Muay Thai training in action. Victor has competed in Muay Thai competitions for the Ekoytin fight team throughout the years, lending his wisdom and knowledge to the younger generations of fighters. Victor also teaches advanced combat and weapon training for civilians at his very own facility. You can find out more about Sierra Element at Sierraelement.com


Francisco funicello

Francisco joined EKYOTIN USAin 2007. One of our best fighters, and the first fighter at World Muay Thai to go pro, Francisco is fun loving energetic person who brings a lot of comedy to the training floor. 


hector godoy

Don't let his intimidating look fool you, Hector is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Hector has been with the fight team since 2007. He's competed over 14 times and is one of Pong's head instructors. Hector is also a deft translator of Pong-lish. 


Ruben lahn

Ruben Lahn is a T-Rex inside the ring but outside the ring he's known for his enthusiasm and joking demeanor. 


fight team

In order to become an instructor at EKYOTIN USA, we require that you have competed in the ring on our fight team. Many of our fighters fill in to teach the regular class.